Type of respondents.

For more than 40 years, Multi Réso is passionate about talking to people.


Targeted sampling. Panels. Multi Réso provides efficient ways to get information from specific target populations.


Multi Réso is fully invested in providing you with the quality opinions of finance professionals, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, hospitals executives, educators, IT professionals, legal professionals, etc.

Groups, associations and federations

At Multi Réso, we’re passionate about associations. We know how feedback is important, and every group or association should find innovative ways to obtain it. We offer all the services you would expect to conduct a successful member survey.

Employee Research

Multi Réso applies a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodology depending on the specific focus of the research and the allocated budget to find out the attitudes, opinions and feelings of employees.


Multi Réso understands the complexity of Business-to-Business decision making and get the research insights to help drive tactical and strategic action in Business-to-Business.

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