Research Methods.

Multi Réso offers its clients a full range of services in data collection, data processing, analysis, and reporting.

Qualitative Solutions

Focus Groups

Multi Réso has conducted thousands of market research focus groups over the years using stimulus materials and specific techniques for exploration and identification of respondent attitudes, behaviors and processes.

In-depth interviews

Multi Réso uses in-depth interviews either conducted face to face or over the phone to produce very precise answers as well as an exhaustive knowledge about individual experiences, opinions and motives.

Social Media Monitoring

The number of conversations happening on social media is exploding. Multi Réso is listening for you on social media to what your customers, competitors, critics, and supporters are saying about you and turns big data into smart data.

Quantitative Solutions

Online surveys

Multi Réso is dedicated to providing high-quality, online data collection services, including sample management, hosting and programming.

Telephone surveys

Multi Réso has been conducting telephone survey research since 1971 with its partner for telephone data collection. We have dedicated ourselves to delivering the highest quality data collected.

Mixed-Mode Research

For hard to reach respondents, Multi Réso gives the option of taking the survey on the phone, online or even on paper. All data is stored in one central database regardless of method.

Other Quantitative Solutions

Multi Réso offers a wide variety of quantitative methodologies including others such as face-to-face data collection and paper surveys.

Collecte des données secondaires

Des informations existent déjà? Nous les trouverons.

At the beginning of a project it is sometimes useful to carry out secondary market research to gain background knowledge from information already gathered such as previous market research, published research reports, reports produced by universities or government, old sales reports, accounting records and many others. Multi Réso brings you the relevant materials.


Deeper insights and guidance…

Multi Réso will tailor the analysis approach to your issues and timing.


A concise and objective account of investigation

Our primary objective is to deliver the content of the findings with accuracy, clarity, conciseness, coherence and appropriateness. We structure the information.
If your organization relies heavily upon units, branches, stores or properties, Multi Réso has the ability to deliver report information out to those front-line managers and employees.

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