Designed to address your business challenges

Market Study

Multi Réso can feed into many areas of your business plan, determining the sales potential of your products or services and setting the price.

Customer Satisfaction

Multi Réso specializes in consumer profiling (behavior/purchasing habits) and customer satisfaction tracking,

Multi Réso works with you to examine your business strategies and develop customer satisfaction metrics. Multi Réso capture customer’s needs, preferences, expectations, and how they are being met.

New product and service development

During each phase of development, Multi Réso combines experimental design and analytical tools to help you examine the tradeoffs. With our approach you can identify the most viable ideas and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your concepts.

Multi Réso brings foresight to the when, where and how of innovation success.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor all forms of social media, including blogs, social networking sites, forums, opinion sites and top video- and image-sharing sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Profile and Behavior Studies

Who are they? What do they do? Multi Réso helps put new knowledge about people.
Multi Réso conducts surveys in research areas that include socio-demographics, human behavior, attitude & motivation, feelings etc.

Advertising Research

Multi Réso offers advertising research solutions to help clients make the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process.

  • Preliminary explorative investigation
  • Pre-test of campaign lay-out
  • Post-test of campaign
  • Tracking
Community Surveys & Opinion polls

Having accurate data on emerging changes in public opinion is critical for decision-makers.

Besides marketing research, Multi Réso has also conducted community surveys and opinion polls on a wide variety of topics. They range from peoples attitudes toward recycling, to awareness and usage of specific provincial agencies.

If you need specific insights into what matters to Quebecers, Multi Réso will provide you with the information you need.

Sectoral Studies

Multi Réso carries out sectoral studies on the some activity sectors in the Province of Québec. Each of these studies analyzes economic, human ressource and commercial data, legal framework (judicial, fiscal, regulatory…..) and the national and international evolution of the studied sector.

Customized Research

Multi Réso develops customized research solutions to address more complex issues.

Multi Réso works with your organization to create a custom approach. We adapt our strength-based development tool to support your goals.

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